Developemnt Course

???2011.01    The company was founded.

2011.04   The active 3D cinema system was developed.

2011.06   The first domestic 3D shutter glasses with high contrast and fast response time was developed.

2011.10    The company was cerfiied as ShenZhen software enterprise.

2011.11    The first domestic stang-along polarized 3D cinema system was made.

2011.12     Strategic cooperation with china Film Equipment Co., Ltd, a member of the China Film Group,                   was established.

2012.02     Cooperation with China Research Institute of Film Science & Technology was set                                        up to develop 3D Cinema products colletively.

 2012.02    Strategic cooperation with GDC was established.

2013.07     The first domestic stand-alone polarized two-beam 3D cinema system was developed.

2013.08     The company was named as a "National Hi-Tech Enteriprise".

2013.10     The first domestic stand-alone polarized 3D system with triple optical paths and liquid crystal                     was developed.

2014.01    The company topped Real D (U.S.) to be the largest domestic 3D system supplier for cinemas                    over 50% of the domestic market share in 2013.

2014.08    The company launched the "Turbo Screen" FD-T05, light efficiency can reach to 34.7%, which                  was approved by test institute of technical quality of film state administration of radio,film and                      television,P.R.China.

2015.03    Officially became a member of NEEQ, stock code:832024.

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